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A Turkish bank data centre are delighted with the vast improvement in their fuel quality as a result of installing a WASP Fuel Polishing System. Total Solution Provider, the facilities management company for the Ziraat Bank Data Centre in Istanbul, approached Evergee (WASP distributor for Turkey) to install a fuel polishing solution to protect the EPS (Emergency Power Supply).

Due to a design flaw within the existing fuel cleaning system, water had leaked into one of the fuel tanks and had rendered the fuel out of specification and unusable.

Post installation of the WASP Fuel Polishing System, the water; which was both free and emulsified, as well as any contamination was removed from the fuel. The customer was delighted that test results showed the fuel was once again within specification. The results meant the financial and environmental impact of removing and replacing the contaminated fuel was completely avoided.

The very happy customer, has provided the following testimonial;

Total Solution Provider, are responsible for the Facilities Management at Ziraat Bank’s Esenyurt data centres. 

As such would like to note our satisfaction with the standard of services afforded to us by EVERGEE Energy Engineering Ltd and their Fuel Maintenance and Purification Systems.

Due to a mistake in the pre-existing on site fuel system design, we discovered a water leak into a 40mdiesel storage tank which had compromised the fuel quality. 

The fuel was out of specification with excess amounts of free and emulsified water, plus a considerable bacterial infection. After installation and commissioning of the Evergee Fuel Maintenance and Purification System, fuel samples were taken from the tank and sent to an independent laboratory; the results showed our fuel was fully within the specification as required by EN590 and its original supplier. In addition to the normalisation of our fuel, the EVERGEE Fuel Maintenance and Purification System also managed to solve our issue with black exhaust smoke from our generators. After witnessing the value and level of protection added to our infrastructure by the system and the accompanying accredited laboratory certificate, we take great pleasure in providing this testimonial letter.”

Images:  Top: left bottle is before any fuel polishing, moving to the right shows results after fuel polishing stages. Bottom: W-PFS Fuel Polishing System installation at the Data Centre. System cleans to 2 micron and includes the dosing system Add-on.



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WASP will exhibit at Data Centre World, Singapore 2023

This year’s show is held at the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Centre Singapore, on October 11th and 12th 2023.

WASP have proudly been present at this show for many years, and are delighted to continue their successful relationship.

We will be demonstrating our range of fuel polishing systems as well as low/medium voltage switchgear and electronic control systems







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So what is fuel polishing?

Its an advanced multi-stage filtration, fuel conditioning and fuel cleaning process which is monitored and controlled locally, yet can be monitored and operated via a BMS (Building Management Systems)/SCADA/Trend system. It encompasses a removal process which separately deals with particulates, water, bacterial matter, sludge and other foreign contamination found within EN590 fuel.

Below you can see the before (left) and after (right) images of a recent fuel clean of an insurance company in Scotland. Dirty fuel can and will damage or destroy an engine; without a working engine you have no generator; without a generator you can find yourself without power.

So let’s ask again, what is fuel polishing? Its protection, peace of mind, and a safeguard to ensure business continuity.

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Popular Marine Model (This wall mountable WB-10 is very popular on board yachts and boats. This model will clean up to 10 lit/min and removes particulate, bacteria and water to 10 micron.)

WASP PFS Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of a new range of fuel polishing systems.

WASP PFS Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of a new range of fuel polishing systems. Designed to meet the demanding task of maintaining fuel quality, these simple to install and simple to operate units clean fuel to 10 micron, removing impurities and contamination automatically.

Sitting below the W-PFS range of units, the WB range offers advanced technology fuel cleaning in an economic form.

For more details, please refer to the specific product section of our web site (click here)


Long term fuel storage environments that benefit from the WASP WB range of fuel polishing systems.

  • Data Centers
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Power generation
  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Standby generators


Fuel contamination in a generator fuel tank can have a dramatic effect on your business continuity plans. This contamination should be caught by the primary filters, but the most common type (bacteria) is typically a large biomass quantity that will rapidly block filters and, if left uncontrolled, can double in population every 20 minutes.

Worse still, if the filters are not able to cope, or are not water separators, this contamination is likely to find its way to the injectors. In which case the most likely outcome is a costly engine service or even rebuild.


WASP PFS Ltd has specialized in fuel polishing systems and utilizes its expertise in a way no other company can match. In the WB range, as with the larger W-PFS range, the utilisation of advanced filtration technology coupled with ease of use and self controlling devices mean fuel cleaning is as simple as it is vital.


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Manage multiple fuel polishing systems on multiple sites

What happens when you are looking after multiple sites, all with fuel which requires maintaining? Well naturally you require fuel polishing in order to ensure good housekeeping, but our new WASPnet (TM) option allows you to remotely monitor and control all your WASP PFS devices, wherever they are in the world.

Simple solutions are often the best; our WASPnet (TM) system allows you to control and monitor your W-PFS device in Perth, Australia from your computer in Perth, Scotland as if it were in the room with you.

This unique remote monitoring setup even allows you to re-programme your system from your office. With simplicity built in, the WASP W-PFS range of fuel polishing systems are the most advanced on the market today.


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WASP PFS on the road…


Yes, we are excited to be exhibiting again at this year’s CHP/ RENEWABLE / POWER Road show 2013

Not many know about fuel polishing and the benefits, yet our customers save significant amounts of money and fuel, which also helps to save the planet. So this year our goals are to educate and create awareness of the importance of preserving fuel, and how fuel polishing systems do just that.

To achieve this, we are hoping to become a privileged guest speaker at the London event in Price Phillip House on May 29th and 30th.
If you want to see our product demonstrations, meet the innovators and speak to the engineers, register to attend here and visit stand F12.
If, like us, you are really excited about hearing our speech, check out the agenda below and register to attend here.

Speech Agenda

1. The importance of preserving fuel – i.e. saving the planet, saving lives and businesses during emergencies
2. Benefits of preserving fuel – i.e. saving money and costs, saving unnecessary worry, making costly fuel and back-up generator investments worth the money
3. The difference between preserving and not preserving you fuel – i.e. how much fuel is wasted, how much money is wasted, how your fuel looks and how contaminated fuel will affect your business
4. What fuel polishing is and how it works to preserve fuel i.e. cleans fuel and removes contamination, water, particles and microbial growth
5. Who we are and what we do, and what we have done in the past – i.e. how we have helped the military, hospitals, blue chip organizations and local and international businesses.

If you want more information about our attendance at this show, call us on 01923 606600

Speech Success at The Royal Academy of Engineering Conference


It seems our attendance at the CHP/RENEWABLE/POWER road show on May 30th was appreciated, and we would like to thank all those who watched and participated in our conference speech, presented at the Royal Academy of Engineering. The presentation, about the changing specification of fuel, bio-diesel, contaminated fuel, the solution to good fuel housekeeping and how to avoid contaminated fuel, is now available, please contact us for details.

We are also looking forward to the CONCAWE group distributing our presentation to their 43 members, whom own crude oil refining capacity within the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

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WASP innovates again with unique conditioning units

WASP’s engineering team have produced a unique fuel conditioning unit, which will be used in their largest fuel polishing system.

The elite fuel conditioning unit and the fascinating fuel polishing system have been designed and built specifically for a large fuel supply company in the North of England. With the frame being 1.5 x 3 metres long, this is the largest fuel polishing system WASP has produced so far. This large scale fuel conditioning unit has been built into the fuel polishing system to provide the ultimate protection against ferrous material.

The conditioning unit will re-circulate, restore and optimise the overall quality of diesel fuel. By using advanced magnetic field technology, the system will carefully control the flow of fuel through the device, allowing it to combat degradation, slow down the growth of and subsequently remove any bacteria, remove ferrous materials and reverse the damage caused to the fuel by water and other foreign contamination.

The fuel polishing system, due to be installed this week, will re-circulate 400 litres of fuel per minute, cleaning the fuel to 2 micron as part of the process. To ensure effortless operation, WASP has installed a variable speed, self monitoring control system. This allows the machines’ operators to control the settings of the unit, such as frequency, number of cycles, time of operation and duration.


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Fuel Protection in Healthcare Industry

Switching on to Fuel Polishing Systems – In Healthcare

Editorial article published in Healthcare Design and Management magazine in July 2014. 

To read the article and full magazine on line, please click here. Alternatively the article has been reproduced below.

Hospitals are busy environments that have to operate around the clock. This means a constant supply of power for things like lighting and heating, but also to run the plethora of medical appliances used in every healthcare setting. In the case of a failure, hospitals use back-up generators that kick in should the general supply fail.

But, with outages thankfully rare, are hospitals doing enough to ensure their emergency systems are in good condition?

Last year in the US a series of hurricanes threw this issue into the spotlight, with hospitals finding themselves without critical power. One of the reasons for this problem is that back-up generators use fuel and that fuel has to be in tip-top condition. So, as was the case in the US, if systems have not been checked for several years, or even decades in some instances, they will not do the job they were installed to do.

In the UK hospitals are beginning to realise this and are taking measures to reduce the risk. One Birmingham hospital recently installed 10 fuel polishing systems on its back-up generators as a preventative measure.

The increasingly-popular technology, supplied by WASP PFS, will maintain the quality of the stagnant or stored fuel in the back-up generator tanks, helping to prevent the generators from failing during an emergency situation.

Speaking to hdm, Geoff Ross, sales director at WASP, explained: “The hospital called us in and we recognized there was a problem and identified free water, emulsified water, microbial growth and other contaminations in the fuel within the back-up generator. The water was a threat to the generator’s fuel system and could have caused damage to, or even destroyed, its injectors.

Furthermore, it increased the fuels acidity levels, caused the breeding of bacteria and the formation of biomass. This blocked the fuel pipes and filters and caused the engine to lose efficiency

“During an emergency situation, these problems could have caused their generators to stall or fail completely, which would risk the lives of patients undergoing high-risk surgical procedures, or those relying on respiratory equipment in cardiac units or intensive care units. It would also risk staff wellbeing while working in rooms  without any backup lighting.”

The WASP system works by removing the ingress water and contaminations from the fuel and restoring it to optimum quality within a matter of hours.

“Recycling the fuel costs far less than disposing of it and sourcing more, not just in monitory terms but also in terms of carbon emissions,” said Ross.

“We did one hospital in Gloucester that had spent £750,000 on fuel for its back-up generators, so this is no small amount we are talking about. It makes sense to invest in something that is not very expensive, but will ensure that back-up generators do the job they were intended to do at a time when maintaining services is critical.”





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Polish Data Centre takes 4 fuel polishing systems

News from WASP PFS – International Fuel Cleaning Solutions

A data Centre located in Poland has installed 4 fuel polishing systems on their storage tanks to maintain the quality of their fuel, improve the performance of their generator and to prevent the risk of failure during a power crisis.

The WASP wall mounted Pure Fuel System (W-PFS-010-W-220VAC) was designed to the clients specifications and to preserve the fuel in their backup generator tanks, specifically by removing particulates, bacterial content, biomass, sludge, water and other foreign matter.
This system allows the client to ensure optimum fuel quality in their stored tanks. Moreover, the BMS (Building Management System) communication system allows the client to remotely monitor the system, making it as simple as possible for the client.

WASP are now working on a large project for a data Centre in Essex.

Data centres rely on power, and require their backup generators to perform during emergencies. Fuel Polishing ensures the fuel stored in the backup generator is at its best, so the risk of generator failure is reduced.


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Telecommunications provider protected with WASP PFS fuel polishing

A telecommunications provider located in the Netherlands ordered fuel polishing units to ensure they are not at risk of losing power even for a second.

A valued customer of WASP PFS Distributor, KVT, they had previously purchased emergency power generators and fuel systems and are maintained by KVT.

As the client is primarily a telecommunications provider, they cannot risk being seconds without any power as it would have severe consequences to their business practises. Therefore, it is highly essential that their power generators are always working.

There are two fuel systems installed by KVT at their key location; one is 10,000 litres and one is 5,000 litres. They are connected to 6 emergency power generators. Also, at the satellite location, there is a fuel system of 10,000 litres and two emergency power generators.

Considering the essence to keep the fuel systems well maintained, we actively advised them to use a WASP Fuel Polishing System. They took the advice to heart and KVT installed the fuel filtration system to ensure their fuel was kept clean. The fuel is now filtered on a weekly basis.

The client has been a customer of KVT for a number of years and was pleased with this solution to keep the fuel in the best condition.

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NEWS: New Exclusive Filter Media to Improve Results

Market leaders WASP PFS Ltd are at the forefront of the industry due to the dedication to continually innovate and further advance filtration technology.

After extensive trials over an 18 month period in collaboration with our British filter element manufacturer, a media exclusive to WASP PFS Ltd has been developed which further improves filtration of our W-FCF filters.

The innovative project was focused around three key areas of importance:

  1. water removal (Free & Emulsified)
  2. Particulate removal to ISO 18/16/13
  3. reduce Total Filter Flow Restriction

The New Media produced a 10% increase in emulsified water separation efficiency in a single pass test to give a 99% Efficiency and a 15% increase in flow (lower restriction).

The filter is rated at 2 micron Absolute so will meet and exceed the ISO 18/16/13,  which is the Internationally recognised method of solid particulate count in fuel.

The New Exclusive Media Filters (which is fittingly for WASP, coloured yellow), will be fully introduced across the W-FCF and WASP Premium W-PFS and Classic WB ranges of Fuel Polishing Systems by 1st August 2016.


W-PFS Premium Range WB Classic Range

WASP PFS Exhibiting at Data Centre World London 2017

The WASP PFS Ltd stand at the Data Centre World Expo London 2017 was busy with visitors keen to see the WASP W-PFS Fuel Polishing System in action.

There was a mixture of visitors; some of whom were looking for a fuel polishing solution – who were impressed to see a demonstration of our system, others who had no experience of fuel polishing – and could recognise the benefits and some of our existing customers who were keen to learn about new developments with the systems.

Thank you to everyone who visited the stand and we look forward to a successful show again next year, 15th-16th March at Excel, London.


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WASP is accepted as an entry in the Business Excellence Awards

The WASP team have been accepted as an entry in the Small Business of the Year category of the Business Excellence Awards 2013.

This is the first time WASP have entered into a competition and we are ecstatic at being accepted as an entry. The panelling judges will visit our premises on the 10th July. We are feeling positive about the assessment, particularly as we have strong values and visions for the business, a strong position in the market and we have a friendly and co-operative team whom have the opportunity to learn and grow within the business.

If you think we should win, please support us. All you have to do is click yes and press send.

WASP PFS Ltd are delighted to announce our new distributor for Germany.

1st May 2017

H & N Energies are based in Germany and with over 30 years experience in safe power supply, are the perfect distributors of WASP products for the region.

The dedicated team at H & N are keen to provide the ideal solution for a customer’s needs, rather than just off the shelf products.

For more details, please visit our international distributor page; we also have a dedicated landing page for our German customers.


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WASP PFS Ltd introducing Singapore to quality fuel polishing solutions.

Following many years of exhibiting WASP’s quality fuel cleaning solutions at the Data Centre World Expo in London, exhibiting at the sister show in Singapore was a positive step in expanding our global presence.

The show running from 10th-12th October 2023, was host to visitors from all over the world within the data centre industry, from specialists in design and build, to data centre services and government organisations.

The show was an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of fuel polishing to new potential customers as well as meeting some of our existing customers to discuss our latest technology developments.

To discuss your needs in more detail, please visit our international distributor page to find contact details of your local distributor.


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WASP PFS Ltd are delighted to announce our new distributor for Romania.

H & N Energien SRL in Romania are the new WASP PFS distributor for the Romanian region. Their parent company H & N Energien GmbH, based in Germany have been a WASP Distributor since 2017. With over 30 years experience in safe power supply, they are the perfect distributors of WASP products for Romania and Germany.

The dedicated team at H & N are keen to provide the ideal solution for a customer’s needs, rather than just off the shelf products.

For more details, please visit our international distributor page.


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