WASP’s engineering team have produced a unique fuel conditioning unit, which will be used in their largest fuel polishing system.

The elite fuel conditioning unit and the fascinating fuel polishing system have been designed and built specifically for a large fuel supply company in the North of England. With the frame being 1.5 x 3 metres long, this is the largest fuel polishing system WASP has produced so far. This large scale fuel conditioning unit has been built into the fuel polishing system to provide the ultimate protection against ferrous material.

The conditioning unit will re-circulate, restore and optimise the overall quality of diesel fuel. By using advanced magnetic field technology, the system will carefully control the flow of fuel through the device, allowing it to combat degradation, slow down the growth of and subsequently remove any bacteria, remove ferrous materials and reverse the damage caused to the fuel by water and other foreign contamination.

The fuel polishing system, due to be installed this week, will re-circulate 400 litres of fuel per minute, cleaning the fuel to 2 micron as part of the process. To ensure effortless operation, WASP has installed a variable speed, self monitoring control system. This allows the machines’ operators to control the settings of the unit, such as frequency, number of cycles, time of operation and duration.


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