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WASP PFS Ltd are the Global market leaders in fuel polishing technology as a result of cutting edge innovation to suit changing requirements.

The key to our success is being able to offer both an "off the shelf" product, as well as customisation to suit individual needs. Our highly skilled, expert engineers are masters of "thinking outside the box", therefore allowing us the ability to offer unique solutions.

Recent customers have approached us for particulate counters, dosing systems, automatic priming, automatic tank changeover, heating and cooling, just to name a few. These "add-ons" were expertly engineered and built to be integrated with our W-PFS or WB ranges of fuel polishing systems.

We are delighted to be able to offer these "add-ons" to other potential customers. If you would like to view or print the Add-on options, please click here for a PDF brochure.

Automatic Tank Changeover

Automatic multiple tank cleaning / dosing from a single unit.

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Stainless Steel Enclosure

When installation is outside, this stainless steel enclosure is ideal to protect the unit from the elements.

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Powder Coated Enclosure

Enclosure to protect your fuel polishing system from the elements where outside installation is required.

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Priming Units

Priming is the biggest technical support query we receive. These automatic priming pumps will save valuable time.

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Modbus and other BMS

Modbus, FieldBus and other BMS options available for W-PFS Range.

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Stainless Steel Frame

A sturdy stainless steel frame to allow for simple floor mounting.

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WASPnet Cloud Monitoring

Remote monitoring and controlling of your systems, wherever they are in the world.

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Automatic Biocide Dosing

For the automatic dosing of fuel additives to prevent reinfection of bacterial infection.

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Automatic Water Drain

This clever system interacts with the main control unit and will autonomously evacuate water from the system.

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This mobile solution is ideal for multi-tank and remove installations.

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Absolute Polishing

If the need is for ultra-fine filtration, we offer 1 micron and 0.5 micron final stage filters.

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Beacons and sounders WB Range

Add beacons and sounders to your WB system to alarm when servicing is required.

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Add-on :particulate counter
Particulate Monitoring

ISO4406 Particulate counting, with inline monitoring, reporting and storage functions

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Towing Unit Enclosure

Whilst our standard portable solution suits most customers, some may prefer a ruggedized or towable unit.

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Drip trays

Stainless steel drip tray, effective and attractive solution to avoid spills.

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