W-30 WASP Primary Fuel Filter

W-30 WASP Primary Fuel Filter

“WASP Fuel Filters offer a new cost effective range of primary filtration equipment for marine, heating, industrial and transport applications”.

The problems that can occur due to water and sediment in fuel are well known and WASP Filters offer a wide choice of options to cover most requirements. All metal bowl units meet and exceed the requirements of ISO 10088 Annex B. Our standard model is a 3/8″ BSP port, metal bowl with 100 micron (W-30STM/D)

  • Flow rates up to 1.6 lit/min
  • 1/4'', 3/8' and 1/2" BSP connections
  • 15, 60, 100 and 300 micron cleaning
  • LM6 grade aluminium filter heads with reversible stainless steel bracket & bolts
  • Powder coated aluminium filter heads for corrosion prevention & long service life
  • ISO10088 metal bowl
  • How does it work?
1. Separation:  The incoming flow of fuel oil changes velocity and direction, reducing the possibility of further reduction of any water droplets present through impact. 2.  Coalescence: This takes place on and just below the flow dispersion member allowing the separated water to descend to the bottom of the filter bowl. 3. Filtration:   The fuel finally passes through the stainless steel filter element. This removes all particulate above 100 micron still suspended in the fuel after the separation process.
W-30 range Filtration (microns) Ports Bowl
W-30STM/14/0015P 15mic paper 1/4” Metal
W-30STM/14/006 60mic stainless steel 1/4” Metal
W-30STM/14/01 100mic stainless steel 1/4” Metal
W-30STM/14/03 300mic   galvanised steel 1/4” Metal
W-30ST/14/0015P 15mic paper 1/4" Clear
W-30ST/14/006 60mic stainless steel 1/4" Clear
W-30ST/14/01 100mic stainless steel 1/4" Clear
W-30ST/14/03 300mic galvanised steel 1/4" Clear
W-30STM/D-38/0015P 15mic paper 3/8” Metal
W-30STM/D-38/006 60mic stainless   steel 3/8” Metal
W-30STM/D-38/01 100mic stainless steel 3/8” Metal
W-30STM/D-38/03 300mic   galvanised steel 3/8” Metal
W-30ST/D-38/0015P 15mic paper 3/8” Clear
W-308ST/D-38/006 60mic stainless steel 3/8” Clear
W-30ST/D-38/01 100mic stainless steel 3/8” Clear
W-30ST/D-38/03 300mic galvanised steel 3/8” Clear
W-30STM/12/0015P 15mic paper 1/2” Metal
W-30STM/12/006 60mic stainless   steel 1/2” Metal
W-30STM/12/01 100mic stainless steel 1/2” Metal
W-30STM/12/03 300mic galvanised steel 1/2” Metal
W-30ST/12/0015P 15mic paper 1/2” Clear
For more technical information, please see the Technical Details tab.
Add-ons Details
W-70358 W-30 range mounting bracket and screw
W-60200/0015P Replacement 15 mic paper element
W-602000/006 Replacement 60 mic pleated stainless steel element
W-60200/01 Replacement 100   mic pleated stainless steel element
W-60200/03 Replacement 300 mic pleated galvanised steel element
W-3203 Gasket kit
W-3203V Viton gasket kit
  • Maximum operating pressure 2bar
  • Max operating temp (metal bowl) 90 deg C
  • Max operating temp (plastic bowl) 50 deg C
  • Compatible with diesel and heavy oil
  • Optional viton seals
  • Optional clear bowl


Carefully follow the flow direction shown by an arrow on the filter. The filter can be installed in any position although it is recommended to fit it vertically with the bowl pointing downwards in order to facilitate the separation of the water traces and the deposit of the filtered impurities.


Cleaning the filter is carried out by unscrewing the central bolt and then unscrewing the bowl. Carefully wash the filtering element with clean diesel, gas-oil or gasoline. Remount the unit and check that the seals are integral and well placed. Paper elements should be replaced as they cannot be reused. Water can be drained by opening the bleed screw on the lid and then the water drain at the bottom of the bowl.



Diesel and heating oil



Ideal for Marine, Industrial and Transport applications.


96 lit/ hr. (1.6 lit/min)



15, 60, 100 and 300 micron

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