What is Fuel Polishing


Fuel polishing is the technological cleaning process which removes water and particulates from diesel/HVO fuel which is stored for the medium to long term.

This process keeps the fuel at optimum condition and helps prevent fuel related engine and generator failures.

There are many different stages in the fuel polishing process which follow one after the other in a specific sequence. This ensures the water, sludge, sediment, bacteria and other contaminate is removed from the fuel.

A single fuel polishing system can maintain fuel quality, protecting your engine/generator from fuel related breakdowns and making the system more efficient through the removal of impurities.

The unit can communicate its progress, status, and history with you via the touch screen, the built in BMS volt free communication, Ethernet screen sharing, RS485 and via the reporting/export function. Further communication options allow for Modbus, Profibus, BACnet, Cano pen and other field bus protocols as well.


Right-before fuel polishing, Left- after fuel polishing


The W-HL range, specifically designed for high lift (underground) tank applications. 2 micron, self-priming units.

The W-PFS Premium range which remove contamination and both free and emulsified water to 2 micron. Controlled with an interactive
touch screen, BMS connectivity and have a large catalogue of “add-ons” available.

The WB Classic range which removes contamination and free water to 10 micron. An ideal entry level system to suit basic cleaning
needs and budget. Ranging from 10 to 40 litres per minute, all WASP WB systems have the same key features in common. Simplicity,
ease of use and a precise efficient functionality are vital.

The W10AC range for smaller tanks, day tanks and for remote sites where simplicity is required, whilst maintaining a thorough fuel clean.

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