Onsite Servicing of Fuel Polishing Systems


Regular servicing of your WASP W-PFS and WB fuel polishing system is important to ensure efficient performance.

Our professional, intelligent fuel polishing equipment will provide a warning that maintainence is required for example; when replacement spares such as new elements are required or water requires draining.

We recommend the fuel polishing systems are serviced annually to maintain performance, particularly if the system has not been maintained in that year.

Our manual features easy to follow instructions for basic servicing your fuel polishing system.

Servicing and maintenance would include:

  • replacement of filter elements
  • replacement of seals (if required)
  • draining removed water from filters
  • back flushing
  • bleeding air from system
  • priming
  • laboratory fuel testing (if required)
  • a post service report
  • advisories of how to improve the set up or efficiency of the system ie running schedules, addition of add-ons such as a drip tray, non-return valves, different micron elements etc.
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