W10AC Fuel Polishing Range

Fuel Polishing, designed for customer re-badging

  • 10, 6 or 3 micron fuel cleaning
  • 8 lit/min max (2.1US gal/min)
  • Free and emulsified water removal
  • 220AC 50hz 1ph (or 110v 60hz 1ph AC on request)
  • 2a max
  • Control options available
  • Connection ¾” BSP-P male ports (NPT on request)
  • Unit can be supplied un-branded if required
  • Designed to allow customers to rebrand this product as their own
  • Option for fuel conditioner
  • Option for simple control system

W10ACIM shown

Designed with simplicity and customer integration in mind, the W10AC range of fuel polishing systems will meet the entry level for fuel polishing for applications such as small gen-sets, belly tanks, hotels, residential homes, fuel oil stores.

Mounted on either a white or blue base, and ready for customer mounting onto any hard, vertical surface; these systems offer simple yet effective fuel cleaning with control and non-internal control options. Designed to fit into your project both in engineering and in budgetary terms, these systems offer class leading filtration at the entry level of the market.


Reserved for future option

Base models (no suffix)

Supplied with a switchable pump, to allow for simple on/off control. A clear polymer bowl allows the user to see how much water has been collected and stop the unit when appropriate. Service the filter when full, or every 6 months whichever occurs soonest. Units are supplied with 6-micron elements, unless otherwise specified at the time of ordering.

Conditioner models (suffix M)

In addition to the base model, conditioner models add the magnetic fuel protection system, aiding the removal of bacterial content and removing ferrous particles (such as rust) from the liquid as it passes through.

Simple control system (as per the image above) (suffix I)

In addition to the base model, this control unit adds a timer function, manual mode, pump on/off, water in fuel and service filter sensors. The system will start/stop based on its own timer but will stop and indicate a service requirement should one of the sensors trigger via LEDs inside the control box. Reset of alarms is via a power cycle.

Your W10AC range fuel polishing system should be serviced every 12 months, or sooner should the system ask for it. The service interval is 12 months; at that point a new set of elements and gaskets should be installed.

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