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Fuel Cleaning Case Studies and Testimonials

Fuel cleaning systems and fuel filters from WASP PFS Ltd are supplied all over the world in a wide range of industries. Our commitment to provide quality fuel cleaning equipment, building to customer specifications, along with our excellent customer service, result in our happy, repeat customers.

Here are some quotes and case studies from just a few:

"We, TSP Total Solution Provider, are responsible for the Facilities Management at Ziraat Bank’s Esenyurt data centers. As such would like to note our satisfaction with the standard of services afforded to us by EVERGEE Energy Engineering Ltd (WASP Distributor for Turkey) and their Fuel Maintenance and Purification Systems...."

TSP Total Service Provider - Facilities Management for Ziraat Bank Data Center
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"I would recommend this unit as being the best on the market, the build quality and the quality of the components used is second to none. The company are a pleasure to know and work with. I have also had experience with fixed units, again the build quality and components used is the best on the market."

Keith Manning - Contract Sales Engineer, DiPerk Power Solutions
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"The client’s facilities manager oversaw the training sessions and commented how pleased he was with the finished product and installation.....The generator supplier was also happy with the service, expertise and the quality of the systems; and has subsequently ordered more fuel polishing systems from WASP."

Large American Bank
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"The hospital were so pleased with how the first system improved the efficiency of the backup generator and removed the water and contamination within a matter of hours, they ordered 9 more fuel polishing systems to ensure site wide protection from fuel contamination."

Birmingham based Hospital

"The client has been a customer of KVT for a number of years and was pleased with this solution to keep the fuel in the best condition."

Telecommunications provider, The Netherlands
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"Data Center in Poland orders 4 fuel polishing systems to help maintain power in an event of  a power crisis."

Data Center, Poland
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