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What can Fuel Polishing do for me?

Good fuel housekeeping is critical to the success of your facility/vehicle/vessel. Without fuel in optimum condition, you are open to potential
engine failure

There are three key functions of a fuel polishing system:


System recovery

Cleaning of the fuel in the tank; returning it to a useable state and maintaining EN590 level pass levels for particulate and water

System maintenance

Fuel optimisation, maintaining the quality and ensuring it is ready for use when called on.


Collating of internal and external data from the system, its sensors, and any external connections to provide a picture of fuel and system efficiency over time.


By removing the contamination which can and will cause fuel breakdowns, your fuel system, generator, engine, and power are all protected. Fuel polishing also has the advantage of maintaining your fuel quality, preventing premature fuel degradation, protecting your filter systems, and protecting your engine from poor quality fuel issues. For example injector damage, which causes inefficiencies or even failures which will stop an engine or generator from working all together..


The best protection

With over 30 years’ experience, WASP are the pioneers of the fuel polishing industry.

We are constantly testing and innovating new media as well as being ISO9001:2015 certified, which makes us the obvious choice for getting quality built products and service.

Our systems are better developed, faster, more efficient and have significantly more functionality than any other in the market today.

What makes us unique is by designing and building our own systems, we have the flexibility and expertise to design and manufacture products specific to your budget, requirements, and specifications.


WASP has always prided themselves on building the right product for the job. We only use our own filters, ensuring fuel entering the system may be at an unknown quality, but fuel existing the system is always at a known quality.


We follow fuel rules (for example, we never use yellow brass as it reacts with biodiesel), and we always engineer our machines to ensure they are correctly assembled. We control the flow and pressure of fuel throughout our machines to ensure contamination is separated correctly, and not forced through filter media.

Utilizing the correct engineering principles ensure free and emulsified water is always dealt with in separate vessels, we ensure fuel can be cleaned in a single pass without having to change filters to achieve the correct level.

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