Telecommunications protected with fuel polishing



A telecommunications provider located in the Netherlands ordered fuel polishing units to ensure they are not at risk of losing power even for a second.

A valued customer of WASP PFS Distributor, KVT, they had previously purchased emergency power generators and fuel systems and are maintained by KVT.

As the client is primarily a telecommunications provider, they cannot risk being seconds without any power as it would have severe consequences to their business practices. Therefore, it is highly essential that their power generators are always working.

There are two fuel systems installed by KVT at their key location; one is 10,000 litres and one is 5,000 litres. They are connected to 6 emergency power generators. Also, at the satellite location, there is a fuel system of 10,000 litres and two emergency power generators.

Considering the essence to keep the fuel systems well maintained, we actively advised them to use a WASP Fuel Polishing System. They took the advice to heart and KVT installed the fuel filtration system to ensure their fuel was kept clean. The fuel is now filtered on a weekly basis.

The client has been a customer of KVT for a number of years and was pleased with this solution to keep the fuel in the best condition.


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