Yes, we are excited to be exhibiting again at this year’s CHP/ RENEWABLE / POWER Road show 2013

Not many know about fuel polishing and the benefits, yet our customers save significant amounts of money and fuel, which also helps to save the planet. So this year our goals are to educate and create awareness of the importance of preserving fuel, and how fuel polishing systems do just that.

To achieve this, we are hoping to become a privileged guest speaker at the London event in Price Phillip House on May 29th and 30th.
If you want to see our product demonstrations, meet the innovators and speak to the engineers, register to attend here and visit stand F12.
If, like us, you are really excited about hearing our speech, check out the agenda below and register to attend here.

Speech Agenda

1. The importance of preserving fuel – i.e. saving the planet, saving lives and businesses during emergencies
2. Benefits of preserving fuel – i.e. saving money and costs, saving unnecessary worry, making costly fuel and back-up generator investments worth the money
3. The difference between preserving and not preserving you fuel – i.e. how much fuel is wasted, how much money is wasted, how your fuel looks and how contaminated fuel will affect your business
4. What fuel polishing is and how it works to preserve fuel i.e. cleans fuel and removes contamination, water, particles and microbial growth
5. Who we are and what we do, and what we have done in the past – i.e. how we have helped the military, hospitals, blue chip organizations and local and international businesses.

If you want more information about our attendance at this show, call us on 01923 606600