Providing Fuel Cleaning for Various Industries


Providing Fuel Cleaning for Various Industries

We are privileged to have worked with many types of customers, from military organisations, hospitals and large blue chip companies to individuals with small boats and small businesses. Click on the list of previous consumers below to see how we helped them reduce risk and save money.

Engine Manufacturers



Data Centres

We have supplied to many data centres all over the world. As a Data Centre, you and your customers rely heavily on continuous power. However not many Data Centres realise they are risking their reputation and their business by not ensuring their back-up generator will run in an emergency. On the other hand, many of our customers have seen how fuel polishing increases the life of fuel, decreases the risk of generator failure, increases continuity during a crisis and decreases the costs incurred by back-up generator failures. Some have ordered fuel polishing systems for their day tanks, but most have ordered the W range of systems, which offer many different levels of cleaning to suit the company’s generator size and needs. Our guide to fuel cleaning explains how fuel polishing works.


Blue Chip Organisations and Computing Companies

We have worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the world, helping them to run their organisation continuously for their customers. We know that losing power is not an option for these types of organisations, so ensuring the back-up generator works is a top priority. Previous customers have opted for some of our higher spec fuel polishing systems, which can be seen in our gallery. Alternatively, customers can compare our fuel polishing system range. To find out more about how fuel polishing works, click here.

Medical Centres / Hospitals

We are proud to say that our products have helped hospitals and medical centres to continually save lives. A hospital back-up generator is purchased to ensure continuity during a power failure. Fuel polishing systems are purchased to preserve fuel and increase back-up generator efficiency and reliability - and thus reducing the risk of back-up generator failure during an emergency and helping to save lives. Many of our customers, including hospitals have noticed that our W range systems have dramatically increased the shelf life of fuel and significantly reduced costs. Visit our gallery or product range to compare ranges, learn about how fuel polishing works or call us on +44 (0)1923 606600.

Banking Groups and Credit Card Companies

We have supplied fuel polishing systems to both small and large banking groups, and to several credit card companies. These groups are now recognising that losing power can damage their reputation and cost them money. We worked with these companies to design a W range of polishing systems that met their budget, tank size and cleaning needs, and they saved money as well as improved efficiency. To find out more about how fuel polishing works, click here, or call us on 01923 606600 for the benefits of fuel polishing. You can also view our polishing system ranges here or visit our gallery.

Military Groups

We have designed and built polishing systems for military groups in Britain and abroad. Our previous customers have asked for both small day generator systems and large portable systems. However, by investing in WASP, you are also investing in experience, expertise and innovation - so we can build systems that meet your exact requirements. For more information on the types of systems we have built in the past, visit our gallery or see our polishing system ranges. For more information on how fuel polishing works, click here.

Head Offices

Like blue-chip organisations, larger head offices need onsite back-up generators to ensure they always have power. In most cases, head offices are recommended to install the W range to save the most money and preserve fuel to the upmost quality. Find out about our range of products or the benefits of fuel polishing.


Some factories have their own back-up generators to ensure they never lose power, even during a power interruption. We have supplied both the W range of polishing systems and portable systems. Click here see the different ranges that we offer factories, visit our gallery or call us.

Marinas and Boats

Although a marina may have their own back-up generator to tend to, they also need to make sure they can help the small boats and recreational boats when they have problems. Some of our marina customers have asked for portable fuel polishing systems, which are shown in our gallery.

Luxury Yacht Builders 

As a yacht builder you are already aware of the risks imposed upon yachts, and you know that power failure is not an option. That's why we design, build and supply high spec fuel polishing systems that preserve fuel to the upmost quality, reducing the risk of power failure during an emergency. Learn about how fuel polishing can benefit you here or click here to see our polishing system ranges.

Tank Farms and Fuel Companies

We have supplied tank farms and fuel companies with larger fuel polishing systems to ensure that the fuel stored remains high quality. Their products always vary depending on the size of the tank and whether they want a portable system or not.

Rail Companies

Rail companies store fuel for trains in large fuel storage tanks, where the fuel is at risk of going stagnant and becoming contaminated. That is why we have supplied rail companies with both our W range fuel polishing systems and portable fuel polishing systems to ensure that they always have high quality fuel available for trains. Click here to see our polishing system ranges or visit our gallery.

Engine Manufacturers

Many manufacturers, especially engine manufacturers use fuel as part of their manufacturing processes. Therefore they have ensured their fuel remains good quality by installing W range fuel polishing systems. Click here to see all our polishing system ranges.

Facilities Management Companies

Facilities management consultants are beginning to realise that they need to recommend a fuel polishing system as standard when they are working on a project that needs a back-up generator. Therefore we provide facilities management companies training and information so that they can remain an expert in their field. Most facilities management companies recommend installing the W range of products, whether portable or not.



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