Compare WB and W-PFS Ranges


WASP PFS provide two fuel polishing system ranges to suit requirements and budgets.

The WB Classic range is our entry level range. Filtering to 10 micron, it offers a straight forward solution to clean stored fuel and is ideal when budget is a constraint.

The W-PFS Premium range is our high end range. Benefits include filtering to 2 micron, BMS options with the additional advantage of being able to be customized to suit your requirements with our comprehensive "add-on" options.

FeatureW-PFS Premium RangeWB Classic Range
Final Clean to2 Micron10 Micron
Flow rate (litres per minute)8-40010-40
Touch screen
BMS (Building Management System) Option
Field Bus Option
Customise to your requirements
Multiple tank option
Tank sizes (litres)7500 - 1,000,00010,000-50,000
Support available
Training available
Remove Free Water
Remove emulsified water
Remove bacterial matter
Auto Drain Option
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