Oil change system Range

Pump inlet 1/2" BSP Male - 60-degree cone for hose
Valves 1/2" BSP Female
Weight 9.9Kg
Maximum flow 15lit/min*
Power 24v DC (7.5a) 12 v DC units available on request (15a)

Ordering numbers

3 port 24v DC 3 port 12v DC GP-3013-24 GP-3013-12
4 port 24v DC 4 port 12v DC GP-3014-24 GP-3014-12
5 port 24v DC 5 port 12v DC GP-3015-24 GP-3015-12
6 port 24v DC 6 port 12v DC GP-3016-24 GP-3016-12
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