Oil change system overview


The quicker and cleaner option

Changing oil can be a difficult, time consuming, and mucky task. Getting under the sump, draining, waiting for everything to clear; and if you have multiple sumps (i.e.. a generator, air-conditioning system, engine, etc.) it could take the day.

The WASP PFS Ltd range of oil change systems remove the difficulty and save valuable time.

The quick and easy system just needs each sump connected to the ports of our system, select the drain option and no more waiting, all your old oil is removed. And refilling? Just as simple, attach our system to your clean oil supply and switch to "fill".


Customised to your requirements

Depending on how many ports you require for your sumps, we can customize the system from the typical 3 ports right up to 8 ports and based on your power requirements.

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