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WASP Fuel Polishing Systems


The complete fuel polishing system range brochure

Complete Fuel Cleaning

Find out about the range of fuel cleaning products and services WASP provides

Protecting your data

An overview of how WASP PFS can protect the stored fuel for backup generators at Data Centre's

WASP Fuel Filter Range


Our complete range of WASP Fuel Filters for Marine, Heating oil, Industrial and Transport applications

WASP range of Pumps, Fuel Additives, Test Kits and Oil Change Systems


WASP PFS provides the complete fuel solution whatever your requirements

WASP Fuel Conditioner Range


The W-PFS range of fuel polishing units includes a WASP PFS Conditioner which removes ferrous material and neutralises bacteria

High-Performance FCF Filters


Emulsified and free water/diesel separators

WASP CPS Switchgear


Low and Medium-voltage switchgear solutions

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How Does It Work?

Learn more about WASP Fuel Polishing Systems

Which Fuel Polishing System?

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WASP Power and Filtration Solutions - supplying fuel polishing systems, filters, additives, pumps, side stream filtration, fuel testing services, generator servicing and oil change systems.